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Isn’t the fact, plenty of online books sites are available in India, which indeed acting as a kind of lending library, renting books, shipping the books, everything is being done to your doorsteps, amazing?

Surprised? Yes, there are enormous numbers of sites available online, most of these sites are particular to locations, for example, say site pertaining to offer the library service in Delhi would not be extending its services elsewhere in the country. The only thing required is to have passion, the rest would be taken care by these sites. But the authenticity would be one big question mark before you, because you got to register in with these websites to receive in their services, besides paying money for the same. The services are similar to the online video streaming facilities in the developed nations, namely Netflix, which would be sending you the DVDs, via correspondence on the basis of wish-list selected by you. The online websites too are working in the same principle, you will be given chance to prioritize your selection, which then would be sent to you one after the other.


Such sites and exposure is quite higher above the normal level in most of the cities in north India, when compared to south, especially in the most dynamic metro cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata… are best examples to get specified. One thing is very certain, which is the increased number of book readers in the country, meaning more interest, or exposure in acquiring knowledge, which in fact marks the beginning of new era on knowledge gathering.

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